Volunteers in action

SH2022_Chiffres cles_DEF_1500px13.jpg41,000 Stop Hunger volunteers act against hunger in the world

To fulfill our mission and to help eliminate hunger, we must encourage hands on and skills-based volunteerism.

This is supported by Sodexo, our founding partner, who deployed the Company Volunteering Policy to enable employees to personally engage with our local NGO partners, feel a sense of purpose, and provide needed help.

While food recovery, food drives, fundraising and meal distribution are part of the usual activities of Stop Hunger volunteers, to develop a sustainable food system, it is also vital to transfer expertise and knowledge to our NGO partners. 
Learn more about skills-based volunteerism with our YEAH missions.

Volunteer stories

Amandine Beaudhuin in Haiti

Infant feeding for mothers in great poverty was the focus of a training mission for CARE Haiti’s local teams. It was led by Amandine Beaudhuin, Sodexo dietician and Stop Hunger volunteer who shared: "Optimal breastfeeding could save 820,000 children under the age of five each year. Using my skills for CARE was both a challenge and an enriching experience." These nutrition and gender awareness workshops are part of the ASARANGA project to empower and build the resilience of 10,000 vulnerable women and 2,500 farmers in the extreme poverty-stricken south of the island.

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AbdurRahmaan Muhammad of India

AbdurRahmaan Muhammad, a Sodexo India expert in Kitchen Design and Building, spent two weeks in Bhutanese schools on a YEAH mission. His role was to analyze at least 25 critical points and to make recommendations on the kitchen production line, storage rooms, and equipment, which would in turn optimize the design of the 440 school kitchens. One of the primary schools serves two and a half more meals than it was built for; Abdur created recommendations to ensure the sanitation and the safety of its storage rooms. 


Wendy Smith in USA

Wendy is a registered dietitian and Clinical Nutrition Manager for Sodexo at the MedStar Montgomery Medical Center where she leads many volunteer activities. In partnership with MedStar, she successfully conducted food drive and fundraising for Manna and the Smart Sacks program to feed children and their families for a weekend. She has also piloted the "Share our Strength’s Cooking Matters at the Store" program, which allows families to learn how to prepare balanced meals at low prices, directly in a grocery store. And, applying her gardening skills, she also coordinates community garden programs. 


Angela Forero of Colombia

Half a year after Mayra Barrera’s mission, Angela, Food Supply Chain expert in Colombia, spent two weeks in Guatemala on a skills-based YEAH mission to follow up on the Mayra’s recommendations. Angela not only set up tools to track the progress made, but she also helped to optimize the supply of fresh and local produce (50% from family farmers), storage, and transportation to schools. This pilot program is part of a school feeding law to ensure the health and education of 2.5 million children.