Key figures

Reflecting on the impactful journey of 2023 at Stop Hunger

2023 has been another challenging year. Relentless conflict, climate disasters, and economic and social disruption have deepened poverty and pushed millions more people into food insecurity.

At Stop Hunger, we believe sustaining hope and taking action is more important than ever. We remain optimistic and continue to work tirelessly towards Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger, committing to building a better more peaceful world, free from hunger.

As we begin 2024, we celebrate last year’s societal impact and take this opportunity to thank our founding partner, Sodexo, and our engaged and enthusiastic volunteers, partners and donors, for their continued support. Together, and through collective action, every day we move forward. Every step counts. Join the movement.

Let’s take a look at our key impact in figures  

Stop hunger supported 12.5 benifficaries.png A total of 12.5 beneficiaries in 2023 benefitted from our support, thanks to the initiatives led all over the world. An increase of 5% from last year

We are nothing without our volunteers. Thank you to our 21,000 volunteers who have contributed this year by leading actions, helping with food distribution, fundraising or taking part in YEAH ! Missions. You are the backbone of Stop Hunger. Thank you Sodexo teams for your continued support. 

21000 stop hunger volunteers in 2023.png
7.4 million dollaras collected by stop hunger in 2023.png Thanks to our volunteers, donors and founding partner, Sodexo, we have raised a total of US$ 7.4 million to spend on local actions for a hunger-free world. 

Women have been a strategic pillar of Stop Hunger since 2017. The most powerful allies of our food systems, women are the changemakers behind food security and climate justice. 

This year, Stop Hunger supported 57 women empowerment projects, across 29 countries, impacting the lives of 36,000 women.

Stop hunger supported 57 women empowerment projects in 2023.png
Stop hunger served 2.1 meals in 2023.png

Relentless conflict, climate disasters, economic and social disruption have meant that Stop Hunger has had to take vital action with partners to support those in need in these difficult times. This year we distributed 2.5 million meals with the contribution of volunteers, donors and partners.

A total of 30,000 women have been supported by Stop Hunger’s actions over the past five years. 

stop hunger has ove 330 ngo partners.png
Stop hunger operates in 73 countries.png Stop Hunger Teams are having an impact in 73 countries, uniting for a hunger-free world.