Stop Hunger Brazil Initiatives

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Agrofavela Refazenda

The garden is also a guarantee of a healthier diet on the plate

AgroFavela ReFazenda offers training to women in the 900-square-meter garden in vegetable cultivation in a vertical and horizontal environment.
The vegetables are distributed to the residents of the community registered in the project. Additionally, women are also given seedlings to plant in their homes.
In addition, the harvests carried out in the garden also receive a very important destination: the hot meals produced by the Hands of Mary project donated to the inhabitants of the population who live in a situation of hunger.
5.032 kg 34.887
vegetables harvested beneficiaries


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Menu à Empreendedora

Income generation for women in the community

Empower women in management and entrepreneurship skills, facilitating the opening and expansion of their businesses and achieving financial independence.
Cycle: Training -> Mentoring -> Seed money
+ Access to content, events and networking of the Women Entrepreneur Network
23 3
women trained women selected to receive mentorship and seed money


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Mãos de Maria

Food for the community and income for women.

Created in 2007, Mãos de Maria is a social business that works by training women in gastronomy and entrepreneurship skills and offering daily meals at the G10 Favelas headquarters to people in vulnerable situations. 
175 k 1 million meals
beneficiaries donated to the local population during the Covid-19 pandemic

Cozinha Escola – IAG Stop Hunger.jpg

Cozinha Escola – IAG

Cooking is an act of love.

The School Kitchen project teaches gastronomy to women in the Grajaú region, in the South Zone of São Paulo, thus providing a new perspective on life and work.
178 815
women trained individuals who indirectly beneficiated


Stop Hunger Brazil - Local results from 2015 to 2023

+ R$ 16 million donated
+ 3 million beneficiaries 
+ 330 NGOs impacted 
+ 136k volunteers mobilized 
+ 211k volunteer hours