Stop Hunger 2018: against hunger, we don’t give up!

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After more than 20 years of consecutive decline, hunger has been rising for the past three years, due mainly to a severe famine in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. "Climate change is already affecting agriculture and food security," but "the most acute food crisis right now is in Yemen, a country at war," where 35% of the population is undernourished. This is why we cannot give up!


Go faster and further to reach the Zero Hunger goal by 2030.

Because hunger is striking again, food aid remains vital for survival. Good to know: we work directly with the United Nations World Food Programme, and indirectly with governments. We are helping to make their school feeding programs more reliable in 60 countries, by empowering women, who make up the majority of those involved in family farming and who prepare school meals. 

The number of volunteers increased by 13% over one year and multiplied by 3.1 between 2013 and 2018. 

Good to know: The Sodexo Company Volunteering Policy, deployed by 2020, will allow each employee to contribute their time and live their commitment against hunger.


"YEAH!," to contribute to a human and valuable experience.

Sodexo's experts actively collaborate with NGOs through this skills sponsorship program.

At least 20 types of expertise across a dozen areas are put at the service of partners, during local or international missions, from a few days to several weeks.

Thanks to the financial support of Sodexo, 100% of the donations made to Stop Hunger go directly to support 1,200 local NGOs and their beneficiaries: such is the case in the United States with Share Our Strength, in Cambodia with Toutes à l’école, in India with GoodPlanet and in France with Restos du Coeur ...


"Empowering women empowers humanity": economic equality for women means progress for all.

By empowering them, women can free the world from hunger.

If they had the same resources as men, the agricultural yield of developing countries would increase by up to 4% ... and we could feed up to 150 million more people!


To end hunger, while regular distribution of food remains a way to deal with critical situations, we are going further by developing food self-sufficiency.
Food assistance is nevertheless an important activity, with five million meals distributed in 2017-2018.

Good to know917,039 unsold meals were distributed by Stop Hunger to those most in need, accounting for 18% of total meals distributed.


A huge and sincere THANK YOU to each of the Sodexo employees, able to mobilize other volunteers at their side to support Stop Hunger, helping to eliminate hunger locally and throughout the world.

At a glance

Stop Hunger is a global non-profit network working for a hunger-free world in 3 fields of intervention: support to local communities in need, women empowerment and emergency assistance. Stop Hunger relies on partnerships with 1,200 local and international NGOs and the unique ecosystem of Sodexo, its founding partner.

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Stop Hunger 2018: against hunger, we don’t give up!