YEAH! Program: experts without borders

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Meet our volunteer experts and missions conducted in Africa and Asia with the World Food Program and GoodPlanet for one and a half year.

To bring specific skills to our partners, including collaborating actively on the World Food Programme’s school feeding program, Stop Hunger launched the YEAH! Program*: several missions per year, from 3 days to 2 weeks, are offered to Sodexo experts in a dozen fields, such as: hygiene, safety and environment, purchasing and logistics, nutrition, central kitchen building and management, etc.

Live in photos and videos some of the YEAH! missions realized and discover the testimonials of the volunteer experts

Ladakh, September 2018

Growing fresh vegetables at -30 ° C and more than 3,500 meters above sea level, and preparing healthy and balanced meals for hundreds of schoolchildren when you have very small quantities of fresh vegetables to cook especially in winter... Impossible?
In the far north of India, near Tibet, we contribute to the nutrition of over one thousand students in 8 boarding schools. We are funding the GoodPlanet * Foundation Bioclimatic Solar Greenhouse Program, which supports two NGOs, HOKA and LEHO in the field, and we have sent out 6 Sodexo experts in India, specialized in hygiene, food safety and cooking.



Zambia, August 2018

Rojo Andriamarosolo is Sodexo Food Safety Manager in Madagascar. She is the eighth Stop Hunger volunteer to bring her specific skills to World Food Programme’s school feeding program. 
Nalubanda School, Mumbwa District, a very rural school, nearly 4 hours from the capital city of Lusaka, where an average of 950 pupils are served one meal each day. Supervised by the World Food Programme - WFP staff, Rojohasina was auditing the whole school feeding process, from smallholder farmers delivery of fresh vegetables to preparations for serving, through effective handwashing and cleaning the plates.
Rojo made recommendations around sanitization and food safety following this mission.

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Jordan, April 2018

Ihab Omeich is responsible for Sodexo's purchasing in Kuwait. As a Stop Hunger volunteer, Ihab went to Jordan on a two-week mission as part of WFP's Healthy Kitchen program. His mission is going to optimize purchasing of supplies by a cost-reducing of 35%, and increase purchasing of fresh produce in order to serve a million of additional meals.
Ihab conducted a training session in the central market of Jordan’s capital, Amman.

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Madagascar, January 2018

Thibault Cervera, quality manager for Sodexo in France: "An incredible and enriching human experience, exceptional encounters that evoke the words: solidarity, human warmth, generosity and humanity."


Senegal, December 2017

Delphine Sunnaert, Sodexo Food Safety On-Site Coordinator in Belgium: “Sodexo offer me a unique opportunity to share my expertise for a great cause.”


Kenya, september 2017

Emmanuel Boo Djon, Sodexo Procurement and Logistics Manager, has brought his expertise in the preparation of school meals from a Kenyan school. Observation of the preparation process, an infrastructure audit, monitoring of resources ... analyzing all the elements to find alternatives that meet health standards, while integrating local traditions. “If the opportunity arises, I would certainly renew this rewarding experience. I thank Stop Hunger for giving me the opportunity to find solutions to give a chance to future generations in Africa. I encourage all Sodexo employees to use their expertise to benefit others.”


Cambodge, mai 2017

WeiSheng Cher, hygiene, safety and environment officer in Singapore, performed a food safety audit. One of the main challenges has been to adapt his skills and expertise from an urban to a rural environment. How to address major constraints such as lack of access to drinking water, gas and electricity? How to adapt my model to a population with simple living conditions?  The result was a very rich shared experience and a challenge overcome. Never having lacked anything, WeiSheng was able to succeed by drawing on his family heritage and his values.








YEAH! Program: experts without borders