Solidarity mobilization in India for World Food Day

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On World Food Day, 200 Sodexo employees prepared 30,000 meals at the ECO Kitchen site. At 9:00 am, all meals are on their way for distribution to people in need throughout Chennai, India.

Volunteers also work at distribution points, wearing Stop Hunger t-shirts to underline their commitment to the program and its initiatives. Large crowds are expected and local authorities have taken measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

Volunteers from ECO Kitchen’s NGO partners are also present in order to raise awareness and present information on initiatives and programs to fight against hunger and malnutrition through social entrepreneurship.

According to Sunil Nayak, CEO for Sodexo in India, "Our employees play a key role. By mobilizing alongside ECO Kitchen on World Food Day, they are contributing to making Stop Hunger a reality."

Solidarity mobilization