Stop Hunger Solidarity Campaign in support of Foodbanks

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In regards to the unprecedented cost of living crisis, for Stop Hunger and its founding partner, Sodexo, waiting and watching is not an option. We began 2023 by kicking off a global campaign ‘Show your Heart, Play your part’

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The Foodbanks, our partners, have given the red light and raised the alarm. They have warned of a “completely unsustainable surge in demand that will prevent them feeding the hungriest families”*. The majority of them are facing a massive increase in the number of beneficiaries, with ever decreasing resources. 

Stop Hunger’s campaign encourages volunteering and fu

ndraising on behalf of foodbank partners around the world. To date, we are proud to count more than 10 countries who have already launched their campaign: the US, UK, Canada, Romania, Poland and many others who are working on their plans. Thank you teams for playing your part!

As each country and region is affected by the food crisis differently, everyone can run the Show your Heart, Play your Part Campaign as best suits their area. We know that everyone is feeling the impact of inflation and that not everyone is able to give money. But, there are many different ways in which our team members can support this campaign and donations are just one of the possibilities.
We encourage everyone to get involved, Show their Heart and Play a Part, however small.

*The Guardian, 2022

Stop Hunger Solidarity Campaign in support of Foodbanks