Stop Hunger Whitepaper "Food Insecurity: the urgent need for a paradigm shift"

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Our Stop Hunger Whitepaper, “Food Insecurity: the urgent need for a paradigm shift”, composed with the contribution of the Agency Brunswick, was written in 2022 at the request of many Stop Hunger community members, partners and friends.

The aim of this Whitepaper is to: 

  • provide an official document which offers context to our work,  
  • give up to date figures on today’s unprecedented food crisis,  
  • help raise awareness and  
  • support ambassadors who often need to answer questions about Stop Hunger.  

In 2023, 828 million people are suffering from severe or moderate food insecurity with 50 million people on the brink of starvation. The figures are alarming and deteriorating on a daily basis.

Today, food insecurity concerns us all, wherever we live in the world. We are all affected by the global inflation on essential products, and the consequences of the cost-of-living crisis – no one is spared. As the unique philanthropic cause of Sodexo, Stop Hunger must continue to raise awareness and reinforce our efforts towards SDG2, Zero Hunger.  

Please note that this Whitepaper is not designed to be all-encompassing or complete – we plan to update it as the food insecurity environment changes, but we felt it was important to keep you informed of the current situation. 

The facts emphasize just how imperative the role of Stop Hunger is and why Sodexo reinforces and encourages our actions.  

Please share this Whitepaper with your colleagues and friends to help us raise awareness.

Download the white paper

Stop Hunger Whitepaper "Food Insecurity: the urgent need for a paradigm shift"