Stop Hunger Event 2024

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Thanks to your incredible support, we shattered fundraising records, raising a staggering €1,170,000 in the fight against food insecurity and hunger.

This year's Stop Hunger Event "People and Planet: Forever Connected for a Future Without Hunger" brought together donors, volunteers, partners, and friends at the La Seine Musicale for an impactful evening celebrating the power of our collective force in contributing to a future free from hunger.

Our event highlighted the message that preserving the planet is preserving humanity. One cannot exist without the other. We must all play our part in being more respectful, and more responsible towards both humanity and our planet.

Our three women projects from Uganda, Norway and India were perfect examples of how we need to empower communities towards sustainable food security. Find out more here:

We also celebrated our Stop Hunger Leaders Luna Mishra and Camille Thobois Reymond who are engaging clients and partners in volunteering and co-financing women's empowerment projects. Together, these collaborations increase our societal impact so we can contribute to supporting more communities in food insecurity.

Thank you to all our generous guests, partners, and clients for your ongoing and to our dedicated volunteers whose unwavering commitment, dynamism, and enthusiasm lift our spirits every day!

Join the movement! Let's all become changemakers in the fight for a future where our people, planet, and a sustainable food system can thrive.

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Stop Hunger Event 2024