Stop Hunger Donors’ Evening of March 12, 2019: Hunger is not inevitable and anything is possible.

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"Everything is possible for those who dream, dare, act and never give up." Outstanding women and exemplary volunteers were again honored this year. Eight Stop Hunger awards were presented, with financial support for the winners’ associations.

A crowdfunding operation raised an additional € 10,000 in donations to the five women's award winners and reinforced Stop Hunger's support for emergency assistance in Yemen.

700 donors and partners, volunteers and representatives of local and international associations gathered for our annual charity event at the Seine Musicale. In addition to the "Women Awards," the dinner was also an opportunity to present "Volunteer Awards" to four employees of Sodexo - our founding partner - while providing support to the associations of their choice.

"Empowering women is one of our priorities," confirmed Clodine Pincemin, President, Stop Hunger. Why?

Because if they had access to the same resources as men - in terms of land, financing, equipment, training and markets - we could feed up to 150 million more people ...
Because women spend up to 90% of the family budget on families’ feeding, health and education ...
Because economic equality for women means progress for humanity ...

In three years, nearly US $ 4 million will have been invested to support local initiatives and co-build programs that provide an immediately positive impact on local communities.

Discover in detail each project led by these four women and support your favorite project.

To help them to go further, join us in taking action! You too will become an actor through a donation to support them!





Stop Hunger Donors’ Evening of March 12, 2019: Hunger is not inevitable and anything is possible.