Sodexo - To the Top for Stop Hunger

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On 11/12 July 2023, Richard, Oscar and Pelle, three happy, sporty and engaged Sodexo gardeners, will be climbing Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain, to help those in need as part of the Stop Hunger Servathon. And as Sodexo offers a day of volunteering to its employees, this brave trio have decided to pay tribute to Sodexo’s 422,000 employees by setting an objective of raising 422,000 SEK (€42,000).


Please help Richard, Oscar and Pelle reach the top for Stop Hunger by supporting their objective to help raise funds for those in need. Follow the link here to learn more about the incredible work done by Stockholms Stadsmission and how your donation can make a meaningful impact.  

Let's help our Swedish teams conquer this mountain together and create positive change!

Sodexo Sweden will be matching all Stop Hunger/Servathon donations.

To give a donation in Sweden, scan the Swish QR Code.
To give a donation from other countries, click here to donate through Helloasso.


Sodexo - To the Top for Stop Hunger