Stop Hunger partners with the World Food Programme

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Stop Hunger and the World Food Programme (WFP) have joined forces to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the fight against hunger.

Stop Hunger and WFP, the world’s largest humanitarian agency in the fight against hunger, have signed a three-year partnership agreement to respond to the “zero hunger challenge”.

Stop Hunger and WFP have united their strength around the Home Grown School Feeding initiative, to increase free school meals in areas subject to chronic hunger and establishing a sustainable link between these meals and local agricultural production. An innovative approach, supported through skills-based volunteering of Sodexo experts, aimed at helping children from disadvantaged families as well as the local economy.

The partnership focuses first on 3 specific actions:

  • Implementation of a reliable and sustainable program of meal vouchers in the 25 countries benefiting from the "Home Grown School Feeding " initiative,
  • Development of improved food diversity and safety in the schools involved in the program,
  • Improving the supply chain, from referencing local providers to the installation of an affiliate network to reaching families in need.

Beyond this program, Stop Hunger provides financial and other support during natural disasters or global food crises in which WFP is involved, organizing fundraisers with the Sodexo eco-system of employees, clients, consumers, suppliers and shareholders. Such a collection was organized in November 2013 to respond to typhoon Haiyan to aid the local population in the Philippines with emergency food.

Finally, Stop Hunger and WFP work jointly to develop awareness on hunger and malnutrition around the world.

Stop Hunger partners with the World Food Programme