2022 Stop Hunger Awards: 4 laureates announced from 4 continents

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Tonight, Thursday 10 March, during our Supporters Evening, we announced the laureates of the 2022 Stop Hunger Awards. The Awards are presented each year to outstanding individuals who play a key role in women's empowerment projects. The winners lead projects in 4 continents, from Nepal, Haiti, Congo and France.

During the evening, the 4 laureates share their stories on stage in front of donors and partners.  

The Supporters Evening 2022 took place at the Seine Musicale in the Paris region around the theme Feeding the Future: both a mission and a watchword to unite around a promise: a better life for future generations.  
Why women? Because they are often the first victims, but more importantly, they are the key to lifting their families and communities out of extreme vulnerability. 

Each laureate receives €10,000 to support the development of their women empowerment initiative. To go further, Stop Hunger invites donations via a public crowdfunding campaign, launched during the Supporters Evening and open for a period of one month.    

Let's meet our 4 Stop Hunger 2022 laureates!   

Claire – Nepal 
With her charity Les Enfants de Kavresthali in Nepal, Claire has built a cooperative that helps women gain skills and achieve financial autonomy.

Flerette – Haiti 
Through her collaboration with CARE, Flerette is a “model farmer” and actor of change in her community in Haiti.

Abdoulaye – Congo 
Abdoulaye and the team at the charity ASI Congo helps young girls leave a life on the streets and build a new path.

Laure-Marie – Paris 
Leading the Tremplins du Cœur, Laure-Marie supports women living in difficult circumstances to gain skills and find a job. 

2022 Stop Hunger Awards: 4 laureates announced from 4 continents