Supporting rural entrepreneurship of women

Rural women play an essential role in the fight against hunger. On the African continent alone, women constitute almost 70% of the total agricultural force and produce about 90% of the food.

We know that if they had the same resources as men, the agricultural yield of developing countries would increase by a third, from 2.5 to 4%. In practice, if they were better trained in agricultural techniques and good farming practices, had the same funding and access to land, equipment and markets as men… we could feed up to 150 million people more!

We provide women with means through local initiatives.

To identify, convince, mobilize, train and accompany some 60 of the poorest women in creating and developing two local agricultural cooperatives, sustainable sources of work and income, and community economic activity… These are the goals of a program of rural entrepreneurship started last February by the NGO World Vision, Sodexo teams, Stop Hunger volunteers and “local advisory committees”, promoters of the program the population of two communes, 200 km from Bucharest.