Acting Locally

Stop Hunger organization supporting local impact

Stop Hunger relies on local and international partnerships with 1,200 NGOs, as well as the unique ecosystem of Sodexo, its founding partner.

Our partner NGOs receive 100% of the donations made to Stop Hunger

61p-1200-EN.jpgStop Hunger supports 1,200 local NGOs and local and international associations in 61 countries, including the United Nations World Food Programme, the leading humanitarian organization fighting hunger worldwide.

Stop Hunger is now made up of foundations, endowments, institutions and other trusts according to the laws of each country: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Peru, Romania, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. 
These local organizations facilitate private or public donations, organize fundraising events and report to their donors.



A unique and international ecosystem

Stop Hunger now relies on a unique ecosystem of international stature with 470,000 employees, 100 million daily consumers worldwide, thousands of clients, shareholders and suppliers of Sodexo, our founding partner.

At the heart of this ecosystem are our 122,000 volunteers, over two-thirds of whom are clients, consumers, and family and friends of Sodexo employees.