Providing food during natural and humanitarian disasters

aideurgence001.jpgThose who are hungry often suffer from war and climate dangers. This is the inhuman daily existence for nearly 44 million people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Yemen. 

According to the UN, “The worst humanitarian crisis in the world since the Second World War” is the result of civil wars and multiple and persistent political crises, which are amplified by climate disasters.

This year, Stop Hunger has contributed more than US $ 380,000 on UN World Food Programme’s emergency assistance, helping ensure a day of meals for 786,000 people.

Because food is, and will remain, at the center of these climatic and humanitarian crises, Stop Hunger mobilizes an emergency fund, with the objective to provide vital food aid to survivors or distressed populations quickly: through distribution of food stamps or essential food items (energy biscuits, rice, legumes, oil, etc.).