Volunteers in action

12000-EN.jpg122,000 Stop Hunger volunteers act against hunger in the world

To fulfill our mission and to help eliminate hunger, we must encourage hands on and skills-based volunteerism.

This is supported by Sodexo, our founding partner, who deployed the Company Volunteering Policy to enable employees to personally engage with our local NGO partners, feel a sense of purpose, and provide needed help.

While food recovery, food drives, fundraising and meal distribution are part of the usual activities of Stop Hunger volunteers, to develop a sustainable food system, it is also vital to transfer expertise and knowledge to our NGO partners.

Volunteer stories

Travis Johnson in the United States

A Sodexo employee for 13 years, Travis is a chef at the University of Tulane and oversees other foodservices in the area. A mentor for Stop Hunger volunteers, he is fully involved in the fight against the hunger of young people and encourages them to organize many activities as part of the Feeding Our Future program. He also joined Educare, a project developed after the “Katrina” disaster.



Alix Cretinon in the Philippines

Finding the path to social integration is possible thanks to NGOs like Life Project 4 Youth. Mary Ann, a young mother, can bear witness. Her meeting with Alix, in partnership with Stop Hunger and Sodexo, allowed her to receive training and integrate a business, providing a more tranquil future for her family.



José Laércio Brandão in Brazil

Five years ago, José was about to celebrate his 30 years of marriage, when his daughter suggested that he use the budget for the party for ... the preparation and distribution of hot drinks to homeless people. Listening to their heart, José and his family distributed 45 meals in the Belém district of downtown São Paulo. Today, four families under the name of "Guardians of the Night" distribute between 350 and 400 meals, once a month, in several neighborhoods of the capital. "Gratitude" is José's feeling about what he has, and especially what he can do for those in need. A Sodexo employee for 27 years, José is Chief Financial Officer of the Purchasing Department.



Mary Cruz Suarez Alvarez in Mexico

The community garden of the foundation "San Pedro Pescador Homeless" in Ciudad del Carmen, in the south-east of Mexico, is another example of solidarity agriculture initiative, based on the principle of education and social usefulness. It was created, as part of Stop Hunger, on the initiative of Mary Cruz Suarez, human resources manager in charge of social responsibility of Sodexo in Mexico (State of Campeche). San Pedro Pescador Homeless welcomes 24 orphan children. To help them in providing fresh vegetables, Mary Cruz called on the expertise of the Universidad Autonoma del Carmen botanical garden team on the one hand and on the other to 380 donors and volunteers Stop Hunger (Sodexo's employees, their families and friends). The former gave their opinion on the quality of the land, the choice of vegetables to be cultivated, and trained the children in good gardening. The latter financed the purchase of seeds and other materials, and participated in the installation of the community garden. Today, the small residents of the "San Pedro Pescador Homeless" foundation are having fun cultivating their own vegetable garden where naturally grow tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions and coriander.