Funds in action!

With the volunteering, fundraising allow Stop Hunger to supports locally the help of NGO partners.

Examples of activities:

  • Donors evenings in the United States, in Canada, in France and in the United Kingdom,
  • Payroll giving,
  • And the Stop Hunger Week, international fundraising campaign targeting the Sodexo consumers.


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Payroll giving

This is a program that allows Sodexo employees to easily contribute a modest amount of their salary to Stop Hunger. In many countries, these donations may be exempt from taxation. Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, the Philippines, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland and the United States have implemented this solution. Sodexo matches the amounts collected up to a certain amount. In the United States, 12% of management participates in this program, donating nearly USD 4.5 million to Stop Hunger since 1996.

Stop Hunger Week: appealing to the generosity of Sodexo consumers

This international fundraising campaign was launched in 2017. One week a year, in a large number of restaurants around the world (Germany, Austria, Brazil, United States, France, UK, Switzerland…), Sodexo consumers are invited to make donations, 50% of which is contributed to support local NGOs fighting hunger, with the remaining 50% donated to the World Food Programme’s free school meal program that feeds children most in need in Africa, South America and Asia.

2018 StopHungerWeek_posters_EN_ld-1.jpg

The emergency fund

An emergency fund of more than 350 000 euros was created in 2014, enabling rapid mobilization in response to the time factor, which can be critical in disaster situations.
This is currently the case in East Africa where, according to the UN, 20 million people are threatened with death in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen.