Key figures

Thanks to the commitment of 122,000 volunteers, Stop Hunger operates in 61 countries, served 4,5 million meals (or meal equivalents1) to people in need and raised US$ 8 million to help co-create local and innovative programs to fight hunger, especially those led by women.


Where our founding partner Sodexo is present, our local impact is strong.

ONE FIGURE: 25 MILLION BENEFICIARIES, the number of people our actions helped in the last 4 years. We work directly with the United Nations World Food Programme, and indirectly with local governments.

Our priorities for action are: empowering women, as they are the most effective in fighting hunger; emergency assistance in climate and humanitarian disasters; development of skills-based volunteerism to improve quality and food safety in 60 countries.

The number of volunteers has increased by 32% this year!

A unique ecosystem acts locally to help the people most in need: Sodexo teams, and their families, clients, consumers and suppliers.

DID YOU KNOW? We have also recruited thousands of students from American and Brazilian campuses as well as football fans! 19,000 additional volunteers, the supporters of 5 Brazilian championship football teams participated in our worldwide mobilization of Servathon!


With financial support from our founding partner Sodexo, 100% of donations made to Stop Hunger go directly to helping 1,200 local NGOs and empowering women, which is our priority.

ONE FIGURE: NEARLY 4 MILLION USD WAS INVESTED IN 3 YEARS in programs designed to empower women. Women can free the world from hunger!

To end hunger sustainably, we help to develop food self-sufficiency and access to education, training, employment for women.
In order to help alleviate hunger immediatly, food aid remains vital.

ONE FIGURE: 905,290 UNSOLD MEALS represent approximately 20% of meals distributed. A united and virtuous solution, in parallel to the actions undertaken against food waste within Sodexo, our founding partner!



(1) "meal equivalent" means that we take into account all raw or cooked food collected in the world by Stop Hunger and convert it into number of meals served.