A global network

A hunger-free world is possible! Stop Hunger is a global non-profit network that has been working locally for those most in need to permanently escape hunger.

In order to eradicate hunger, we must to:  
  • Stop feeding the world to sustainably stop hunger, because food aid is not a long-term solution,
  • Go beyond food aid, by developing food self-sufficiency and facilitating access to training, education and employment,
  • Empower women iwho represent the most effective solution to hunger within their communities.

Hunger is not inevitable but is rather the result of political, economic and climatic obstacles.

Today, around 1 in 9 people still suffer from hunger, or 821 million human beings.

Hunger is not inevitable but is rather the result of internal conflicts, natural or human-caused catastrophes, speculation on agricultural goods, absence and/or lack of water and waste: 1.3 billion tons of food annually, or 40 tons each second, end up in the garbage between the field and the plate, an amount representing 1/3 of global food production.


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