Extra at the canteen!

The free school meals of the World Food Programme, which we support, also fit into this sustainable pattern of social utility, democratic management and cooperation..


This program, based on purchases from local producers, is currently deployed in more than 60 countries. It stimulates production, consumption and local economies: schools buy food from small producers and local traders who are able to sustainably improve their income.

In some countries, students also learn how to grow their own vegetable garden, with their schools adding these fresh vegetables to the menu. 
Through our YEAH! Program, we rely on the expertise in purchasing, food safety and hygiene and nutrition to ensure the quality and variety of school meals. 

We help improve health and life for millions of children.


13,000 schoolchildren are able to securely eat lunch in this difficult region, in the heart of the jungle recently in the hands of the FARC. Their meals are free, diversified and cooked on site with fresh produce purchased from local small farmers. As a result of our cooperation in organizing local and sustainable supplies, an implementation guide has been developed and distributed by WFP in their agencies and to the governments of different countries, including Armenia, Guinea, Honduras, Namibia and Niger.