Stop Hunger Contest: € 1,000 for the benefit of an association ... it's the prize for a good story!

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Stop Hunger supports the associations choosen by its volunteers, rewarding them for their good stories! Here are the 6 winners from the last contest.

Discover the stories of José in Brazil, of Anne, Vicki and Wendy in the United States, of Ankit in India and of Göran in Sweden ...

Good Stories Contest # 1: José Laércio Brandão in São Paulo – Brazil

The story of José Laércio Brandão, of the Sodexo team in Brazil, is the story of a shared wedding anniversary with homeless people.
Five years ago, José was about to celebrate his 30 years of marriage, when his daughter suggested that he use the budget for the party for ... the preparation and distribution of hot drinks to homeless people. Listening to their heart, José and his family distributed 45 meals in the Belém district of downtown São Paulo. Today, four families under the name of "Guardians of the Night" distribute between 350 and 400 meals, once a month, in several neighborhoods of the capital. "Gratitude" is José's feeling about what he has, and especially what he can do for those in need. A Sodexo employee for 27 years, José is Chief Financial Officer of the Purchasing Department.
José Laércio has donated his reward to Instituto Beneficente Viva a Vida 

Good Stories Contest # 2: Anne Berardi-Leach in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Anne's Story is that of a Stop Hunger volunteer who is working with her Sodexo team to multiply food aid activities and opportunities, especially for children.
In Cleveland, 1 in 5 children do not have enough to eat and for many of them school meals are the only meal of the day. Anne made it her mission to motivate and engage her teams in their food support to the community. Throughout 2017, they organized food drives and funds for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, preparing and distributing free meals to children in need throughout the summer, participating in food support programs of the Cleveland University Hospitals Health System or the local food bank to support better nutrition for better health. Anne has been with Sodexo for more than 10 years and was recently promoted to the position of Community Program Director, Nutrition Services at one of UH Group's main sites.
Anne has donated her reward to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank -

Good Stories Contest # 3: Vicki Rolph in Portland, Oregon, U.S.

Vicki was inspired by her own story, with her difficulties as a young mother who was once faced with food insecurity.
Today, Vicki is a dining supervisor at Concordia University where she created a self-help program that allows students to help their peers in need, either by sharing part of their school meals budget, or by volunteering for the food bank within the university. The students even organized a food collection, accompanied by a rock concert! In 4 years, more than 18 tons were collected. In 2017, the Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation (the U.S. based Foundation that supports Stop Hunger) awarded Vicki the title of "Hero of Everyday Life."
Vicki has donated her reward to the Concordia University student food bank

Good Stories Contest # 4: Wendy Smith in Gaithersburg, Maryland, U.S.

Wendy's story is that of a "Stop Hunger Champion," a very committed volunteer, and a four-year member of the Board of Manna Food Center, the official food distribution center of Montgomery County, located northwest of Washington, D.C.
Wendy is a registered dietitian and Clinical Nutrition Manager for Sodexo at the MedStar Montgomery Medical Center where she leads many volunteer activities, with the same personal and professional commitment.
In partnership with MedStar, she successfully conducted food drive and fundraising for Manna and the Smart Sacks program to feed children and their families for a weekend. She participates in an annual fundraising event for Manna. She has also piloted the "Share our Strength’s Cooking Matters at the Store" program, which allows families to learn how to prepare balanced meals at low prices, directly in a Giant Food grocery store. And, applying her gardening skills, she coordinates community garden programs.
Wendy has donated her reward to Manna Food Center

Good Stories Contest # 5: Ankit Adhaulia in Kolkata, India

The story of Ankit is also that of the partnership between Stop Hunger volunteers - in other words, employees of Sodexo, our founding partner - and the NGO "Life Project 4 Youth" (LP4Y), which is dedicated to the social integration of young adults experiencing poverty and exclusion by providing training and managing micro-activities. Of particular concern are young girls from large families, who have less than US$ 2 per day to live on. Uneducated, because of lack of means, they can hardly contribute to the family's income. They are then married very early and the painful circle of hunger continues. Stop Hunger volunteers organize training on hygiene and food safety and good cooking practices. Ankit led sessions on food and work safety. The young beneficiaries realized that they could immediately use the knowledge gained to find a job. "Today, some of them have a job and are well ... Being transferred to Delhi, I will continue this training with LP4Y," confirms Ankit, head of training and development.
Ankit has donated his reward to the NGO Life Project 4 Youth 

Good Stories Contest # 6: Göran Pändel Berggren in Uppsala, Sweden

The story of Göran illustrates one of Stop Hunger's activities: the distribution of unsold meals, that are prepared but not consumed in Sodexo's restaurants. In 2017, the number was 1,108,060, including those donated by Göran, 200 meals / week. "With these meals, we can offer a complete, balanced and comforting lunch break amid the difficult days of our beneficiaries," says Carola Matilainen, head of one of the reception centers. These meals are also an opportunity to take care of yourself, to shower, clean clothes and interact with the team and others, which is essential for them. Some have also been able to regain a foothold in life and in turn help other beneficiaries.
Head of the Sodexo kitchen in the Corporate segment, Göran is supported by his client in this partnership with the city of Uppsala.
Göran has donated his reward to the Uppsala municipal mission

Stop Hunger Contest: € 1,000 for the benefit of an association ... it's the prize for a good story!