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30 September 2014

Thank you to all the volunteers and partners of Stop Hunger in 2014. Thanks to you, we work for a world with zero hunger.
Discover all the figures for this year.

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SERVATHON 2014: One of the most successful operation to date!

11 July 2014

The energy, inspiration and commitment of the teams in 36 countries resulted in a very significant contribution: we served 815,000 meals during Servathon and raised more than 300,000 USD making it one of the most successful to date!

Stop Hunger partners with the World Food Programme

03 March 2014

Stop Hunger and the World Food Programme (WFP) have joined forces to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for the fight against hunger.

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Dons de repas au profit des restos du cœur

Team donates hot meals to Restos du Cœur

03 January 2014

The centralized kitchen at La Joliverie kitchen in Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire (44) is one of the Sodexo sites participating in the national campaign for donations of meals to the French NGO, Restos du Coeur.

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Servathon 2014: Stronger Together

April-May is a key moment for mobilizing all of our volunteers to work with local NGOs to serve free meals, collect food and raise funds. Let’s join our forces for Servathon 2014 because we are stronger together!

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Meals distributed from Sept 2013 to August 2014

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